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Love, Trust, Heal

People with PTSD and Those Who Love Them

Finding the Way Through
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The only way out is the way through. – Howard Nemerov

This is a place where people who suffer from PTSD and those who love them can share their experiences, ideas, and feelings in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

That doesn't mean we're going to play happy families here. Clearly if the world were all jolly and happy, we wouldn't be jumping three feet whenever a door slammed. But I ask that each of us accept other posters' experiences, that we refrain from judging others' feelings, and we make comments in a spirit of helpfulness and support. Please speak from your own experience, and don't assume that what has worked for you will automatically clear up someone else's problems.

It's miserable enough to go through the kind of trauma that leads to PTSD. Living with the PTSD forever afterward is worse. It's also painful to see your loved ones suffering from your PTSD. People who love those of us with PTSD also suffer from it; often they feel helpless, sometimes angry or frustrated, always sorry that someone they love is suffering this way.
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