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November 4th, 0:44
I have been recently dx complex ptsd, and there is a DIDNOS issue there too, and my T suggested I do some journalling,  I've found this forum really helpful and interesting, and would like to join in, but I notice that there hasn't been a lot of postings lately.  If there is anyone reading this who knows of any other forums as well of a similar nature which are a bit more active, I'd really appreciate any suggestions, or if this is just like a seasonal lull, it'd be great to join in if others start posting again.    I'm a member of another forum myself but it's more one that does shorter posts, and I'd really like a chance to explore these issues in a bit more detail  the way you have seemed to here in the past, ie, giving journal accounts of T sessions.  I'd like to share some of mine if/when they feel relevant, or would be helpful for me or others,as I have found others very helpful and supportive to read myself. 
I'm fairly new, about 2/3 months of doing posts and forums, and this is my first one on LJ so please bear with me if I make a newbie mistake, like saying the wrong thing or if I get confused with the mechanics of this forum.  Anyway, even if I don't hear from anyone, just wanted to thank you all for your courage and sharing, and say how much it has meant to me.  All the best to you - Daisymay3. 

PS I tried to post this and it came up with a new list of posts called Finding the way through where there looks like there are new entries, but I got confused as the title seemed different.  I will try to post again as I think I pressed the wrong button, and hope it works this time.  Wish me luck!!

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